Negotiation Project Twente

Negotiation Project twente


The Negotiation Project Twente (NPT) is a non-profit organization connected to the University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands. We strive to teach valuable negotiation and communicational skills to students and organizations. We also aim to disseminate hard and soft skills to (future) professionals by bridging higher education and the business environment. Furthermore, NPT attends yearly international events in which we represent our University through global negotiation tournaments. We participate in three international events: The Negotiation Challenge (TNC), Warsaw Negotiation Round (WNR) and Global Negotiation Conference (GNC). 

The negotiation challenge 

The Negotiation Challenge (TNC) is an annually organized international negotiation competition in which teams from universities worldwide gather to compete and showcase their negotiation abilities. In the TNC the teams consist of three students who try to obtain the best deals during multiple rounds of negotiations over a couple of days. The TNC takes place on two consecutive days and consist of four qualification rounds. This year the competition will be held in Spain on April 16th - 19th 2020, in Barcelona. 

Warsaw Negotiation round

The Warsaw Negotiation Round (WNR) is the international negotiation tournament, which is going to be held on April 24th - 26th, 2020 in Warsaw, Poland. The Warsaw Negotiation Round 2020 is the eleventh edition of Central Europe’s first and one of the few worldwide international negotiation competitions for students representing leading law and business schools from all over the world. It is organized by Student Scientific Association “Negotiator” of Warsaw School of Economics.

Global Negotiation Conference

The Global Negotiation Conference (GNC) aims to promote the interdisciplinary study of practical and theoretical negotiation to students from all over the world. The GNC was born out of the International Negotiations lecture at the University of Bern. With the support and encouragement of Professor Felix Addor former students decided to set up a conference that would be open to students from all academic backgrounds who have an interest in developing and practicing their negotiation skills. This year the competition will be held in Switserland on 21th - 24th July 2020, in Zurich.

Our Value

To be able to finance our activities we are looking for partnerships and collaborative projects. NPT offers a variety of deals in these projects. Some examples are:

  • Skills training in communication and negotiation.
  • Human resources acquisition through talent workshops and events at the University of Twente or in-house days at the partner organizations.
  • Promotional activities for businesses.

Besides those examples, other options are also possible.

Interested? Or looking for more information, please contact