Negotiation Project Twente

Enabling Professional Negotiations through Exclusive Training 

The Negotiation Project Twente is a foundation which uniquely educates higher-level students and industry professionals about the tenets of negotiation. Aided by the knowledge derived from industry leaders and researchers, we set out to enlighten others, giving them a toolkit which transcends the application of the negotiations table. Since our establishment, we have successfully competed in a number of worldwide competitions.

What we offer

Negotiation Project Twente offers different types of high-quality negotiation education for students and industry professionals. 

  • Students

    NPT Cohort

    Every year the Negotiation Project Twente offers an exclusive and extensive course on professional negotiation for students completely free of charge. This course teaches you all the theories you need to know about negotiation while at the same time also giving real-life experience with regular practical negotiations.

    Interested? Read more here.

    Collaborations with UT Associations

    The Negotiation Project Twente also collaborates regularly with UT associations to offer short and intensive workshops teaching the fundamentals of negotiations to their members. 

    If you are interested, contact your association, and we might have a workshop together very soon. 

    Students in the Twente Area

    Are you interested in joining negotiation training, and a student at a University in the Twente area? You are still able to apply to NPT, however, there is limited space for those students. 

    outside of twente area?

    Are you interested in negotiation training but not a student at any University in the Twente area? Then the Dutch Negotiation Network might have some interesting Information for you. 

  • Companies and Industry Professionals

    Company Workshops

    The Negotiation Project Twente has held several negotiation workshops for different companies over the last few years. These workshops can vary from very general, covering all the basics of negotiation, to specifically tailored to the organisation's exact needs. 

    If you are interested, reach out to us via .

If your business, association, or organisation would be interested in a collaboration, we would be very interested to hear your ideas. If you are interested, or if you are looking for further information, feel free to contact us at so we can start discussing options.